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          the wpi office of undergraduate admissions is continuously monitoring the evolving situation relative to the covid-19 outbreak and its impact on university visits, admissions, and enrollment. visit our frequently asked questions for answers to your admissions-related questions and to learn more about wpi's overall response

          activate your imagination with a wpi education

          welcome to wpi admissions!

          wpi is a top-ranked university with more than 50 undergraduate degree programs in science, engineering, technology, math, business, and the humanities and arts.

          a wpi education will enable you to pursue your passions at a world-class research institution with an innovative project-based curriculum where you combine theory and practice.

          whether you’re just beginning your college search and want to sign up for a wpi visit; have questions about financial aid and scholarships; interested in exploring more of the total student experience, including wpi student life; making your final enrollment decision; or somewhere in between, the wpi admissions team is here to help. a lot goes into finding the right college, and we’ll do everything we can to assist and support you along the way.

          WPI students working with a faculty member - project-based learning

          hands on from day one

          as the global leader in project-based learning, we know it’s critical for you to be able to take the skills you learn in the classroom and apply them to real-world problems. that’s why, starting from your first days at wpi, projects will be the focal point of your education.

          visit wpi

          interested in exploring campus for yourself? sign up for one of our upcoming wpi events. you’ve got options: our calendar is filled with virtual and in-person events to help you learn more about academics, worcester, and wpi student life—often from wpi students themselves.

          the first-year experience

          wpi’s not your average tech school, and that’s evident even before you arrive on campus. support, resources, a welcoming community, and a never-ending supply of goat puns—see what it’s like to join us as a first-year student.

          global projects program

          whether you decide on a project center across the city or across the world, the impact on the local community—and yourself—will last for years to come.

          research at wpi

          you don’t have to wait to start engaging in research at wpi—you’ll have opportunities to contribute to meaningful, purpose-driven research from your first days on campus, giving yourself the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to solve the world’s toughest problems.

          the student experience

          sure, college may not be all fun and games, but they’re definitely an important part of it. with over 235+ clubs and organizations ranging from underwater hockey to larping, it’s only a matter of time before you find your niche—and a new hobby or three.


          beloved mascot, gompei


          of students receive a global scholarship to complete life-changing project work


          average starting salary, bachelor's degree

          wpi class of 2019

          of money magazine's most transformative colleges (2019)

          money magazine (2019)

          meet our students

          hannah g

          hannah g.

          Sophomore, BS in Interactive media & Game Development

          a passion for storytelling and a desire to combine technical, artistic, and cultural work led hannah to wpi where she found an ideal place to grow.

          WPI student voice Rashid

          rashid c.

          senior, bs in biochemistry

          a jamaican-born biochemistry student finds that wpi's project-based curriculum suits his hands-on learning style.

          Julia by flowers

          julia b.

          junior, bs in aerospace engineering

          an aspiring astronaut––and marathoner!––julia has found success both in her aerospace engineering pursuits and her love of music and theatre.

          Kyle D Portrait

          kyle d.

          sophomore, bs in mathematical sciences, minor in computer science

          wpi’s project-based learning has helped kyle take abstract mathematical concepts learned in class and apply them to real-life scenarios.

          Megan V

          megan v.

          sophomore, bs in physics

          it’s the little things that mean the most to megan, a sophomore who’s ready to build a support system to help make her years at wpi some of the best of her life.

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