Classic Mistakes & Preconceptions

  • "...Having a website always generates more company revenue and conversance..." Open or Close

    Just having a website online does not guarantee in any way online success or promotion for your company or product. An online presence should be part of a both active - offline - as well passive - online - marketing strategy or 'greater plan' on how to connect with your target audience or clients in promoting your products or services. How? you might ask. Well, engaging in a market research executed by a marketing agency would be a prudent approach.

    This way you will discover where to find your target audience and potential clients. In the next stage you can develop online marketing tools to help connecting with them while your website generates leads. Having an effective and well developed marketing strategy is crucial in increasing company revenue and getting your services or products known among your potential clients.

  • "...As a client I should choose a logo or website that is appealing to me, in that case it's also suitable for my company..." Open or Close

    This classic mistake is made more often than you might expect. It sounds perfectly logical, but couldn't be more wrong. A company logo or website should have a design that is appealing to its target audience, not the owner of the company. A market research will reveal your target audience and how to engage them to become customers.

    This means that the design of the website, or your Corporate Identity for that matter, should comply with the taste and style of that specific targeted group. Because that's who you will be selling your services or products. SCOPEQ has full expertise and knowledge on how to address your potential clients, and position your brand/services for the online environment.

  • "...Hype today, gone tomorrow..." or: "...I want a trendy designed website..." Open or Close

    When it comes to design and trends, many websites, logo's and illustrations are based on, or at least inspired by present graphic trends. SCOPEQ wants to offer products and designs that are resistant to the ongoing durability corrosion caused by 'modern' hypes. Making your investment last longer takes much effort, but also restraint on the client's side.

    We understand it's very tempting to go along with trends just for the sake of being modern. However, choosing to do so implicates, when a certain hype has faded, the design needs to be changed...again. A client should understand that by staying close to its own company's personality/target audience, you might end up having a distinguishing market position after all. Why, you ask? Because that on itself is a statement on your identity, beside that your investment lasts much longer.


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