Advertising & Marketing


SCOPEQ knows that to succeed in profiling your business, you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects, in other words; your market. This is accomplished by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every stage of public contact. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot.

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. SCOPEQ assists in the research, defining and the build of your brand. After all your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication, and one you do not want to be without. We deliver all the knowledge and expertise to help building your brand for the on- and offline environment.


The true Art of Advertising is to persuade or encourage your target audience into consuming your products or using offered services. Knowing the wants of your audience is an important part of creating the most effective advertising campaign. We build our client's campaign on research and knowledge, offering the best possible strategies in reaching your audience and increasing your market share.

Interactive Marketing

Where the commonly used Monologue Marketing acts as a one way communication method, Interactive Marketing lets your consumers and stakeholders respond to your massages engaging them into a dialogue with your company or brand. SCOPEQ offers a wide range of options in setting up interactive marketing channels that boost consumer & prospects input and let their say influence your brand's image or products.

Mobile Marketing

Since the European introduction in 1995, of the new Feature Phone standard GSM® and its successor the Smartphone in 2007, a new and valuable market arose: Mobile Marketing. In the year 2013 about 26% of all internet traffic derives from mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones, offering a new dawn in methology reaching a new kind of online users. Because these personal devices are with the user/owner about 70% of the working day, a direct response marketing tool is available. The last three years the Smartphone's functionality has evolved into an online payment tool like NFC Point of Sale and by means of Banking App's. An important role is reserved for Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise and support marketing campaigns.

  • Mobile Web marketing.
  • Mobile Application-based (iOS™ and Android™) marketing.

Email Marketing

With the use of electronic mail a client can address its customers about new products or services, keeping your company or brand 'Top of Mind'. It also helps to increase your customers loyalty in order to get prolonged or continued consumption of your services and products. Email Marketing also assists in getting new products known to new clients and prospects. A well balanced and conducted campaign will give the results needed to introduce you brand or company to a new group of customers.

Social Media Marketing

We specialize in creating and delivering innovative social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. This might involve creating a viral video campaign and seeding it across the blogosphere, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, using Google+™ to improve SEO, or driving engagement on Facebook™ and Twitter™.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a service where Google™, Bing™, and Yahoo™ search results are managed. It's divided in two segments - free (organic) and paid (inorganic) search. Organic Search Engine Marketing, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), uses on-page and off-page strategies to help search engines better understand the relative importance of website's pages. Search Engine Advertising, of pay per click (PPC) advertising, are advertising platforms Search Engines provide to advertisers to place their Ads.

Due to the growing demand and complex nature of "search", as many Search Engine Marketing firms would like to say, it's often hard to determine good SEO/PPC experts from bad SEO/PPC snake oil salesmen. Search Engine Marketing Services from SCOPEQ offer major core benefits for your business, with measurable results.

Campaign Wide Management

After the execution of a marketing campaign during a client's project, it's crucial to sustain/continue the targeted campaign after completion of the project. For this reason we developed a campaign management service that ensures continuity and prolonged results. Our Campaign Wide Management offers the long term follow-up of the marketing strategy that has been developed by SCOPEQ for your product/services or company.

Corporate & Business Strategy Analysis

Corporate strategy defines which areas your company competes in. Business strategy defines how it competes to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Effective strategic planning results in making informed decisions that enable your organization to achieve its goals. A balanced scorecard measuring the performance of your company's mission and policies, reflects the progress toward achieving these goals. SCOPEQ researches and analyzes these results to compile a comprehensive advice to improve deficiencies, enabling prolonged corporate success.

Marketing Strategy Development

Most small businesses fall into the trap of thinking that "marketing" only means advertising, PR or promotion. But marketing and a marketing strategy is so much more than that, and includes everything from understanding the market to which you'll sell your products and services, to choosing specific tactics you'll use to reach that market (which is actually where things like advertising come into play – they're tactics).

When you decided to start a business or launch a product/service, you undoubtedly found an unmet or underserved need in your target market, and felt that you could address that need. Our marketing strategy development section is where you actually spell out how your business is going to do just that, by setting goals and high-level strategies.

We start by setting the goals for your business or product, typically for at least one year. Keeping them realistic, achievable and measurable. We assist and prevent setting yourself up for failure right out of the gate, by stating them in simple, straightforward terms. SCOPEQ wraps up the strategy section of your marketing plan by outlining the particulars of your business offering – in marketing parlance, you'll be defining what are known as the "four Ps" for your business:

  • Product – description of your product or service, including features and benefits
  • Price – initial pricing strategy
  • Place – distribution channels for your product or service, i.e. where you’ll sell
  • Promotion – methods & channels used to reach customers about your product/service

Branche Competitive Analysis

One of the most crucial and valuable business knowledge is to know the position of your business in the market, compared to competing brands or products. It's more easy to develop the right marketing strategies and anticipate to market trends if you know where to put your focus. SCOPEQ is an expert in analyzing your position compared to other branches and products, developing & adapting decisive marketing tools and strategies.

Company Network Security & Data Protection

The last couple of years there has been an tsunami on news concerning the NSA and their intrusion of our privacy, but you probably already know that for many more years hackers and other internet criminals are invading our companies networks, stealing information from your clients and important (confidential) business information. These illegal activities are by far more dangerous and harmful to your business then what the NSA has been doing the last years, having said that does not imply we approve of or ridicule the NSA's behaviour.

Most of the external facilities that businesses are using, are in general well secured. Your own local area network or LAN on the other hand needs to be well secured also, to prevent data theft/damage to your server or computers when connected. SCOPEQ has developed a comprehensive security risk evaluation to check and solve any flaw in your networks and extranet operations. We also offer detailed technical support on how to configure your systems in making them more hacker proof and less vulnerable to malware.

Many build-in security measures in computers and servers are easy to configure, but also installed software needs to be checked on a regular basis. To give an example: most companies communicate with their clients through email, and only about 42% of these conversations are encrypted during transmission over the internet. This implicates that almost 60% of their emails send to clients and prospects, are subject to possible man-in-the-middle attacks, and could be used to infiltrate your business, but also steal clients personal details and company transactions.

How can our expertise effect your business? When you're a start-up many of the invested funds go to printed material like corp. identity, brochures, but also equipment and stuff for your office interior. How your network is protected against internet related threats always pops up the moment your confronted with an infected PC or stolen information, in other words; too late. SCOPEQ can advise in making educated decisions that don't necessarily need to cost all of your company budget but do protect your business from online treats, without the need to get into the Nitti-Gritty.

We are independent; our advice is not influenced by investors or other parties that might have interest in pointing you into the 'right' direction. But unfortunately this service is exclusively available to our clients, so after all we're not a hundred percent 'unbiased', so to speak. Want to know more? Please contact us now.

Online Security

With the development of online websites and applications, comes the security territory. Making it safe for clients to use applications or back-end environments, without the fear that server based management systems and/or websites are hacked. SCOPEQ takes care of building a secure operating front- and back-end software application.

Our software developers ensure by nature that the latest software codes are used and state-of-the-art encryption technology is incorporated. This keeps you from losing valuable client data or company related information and makes it less risky to hold and keep privacy sensitive data online. This way it is possible for you to comply with international privacy law enforcement and regulations, without the risk of legal problems.

Product Packaging Design

A new product needs a presentation that fits the market demands and of course the product it's holding, in close cooperation with our marketing professionals, our team of Graphic and Industrial Designers will develop an exclusive and inventive package that will cache the eye.


Illustrations are to be found on many daily used products; from packaging to books, posters, advertising and many more objects. Already for many years our illustrators design custom graphics for a wide range of clients. SCOPEQ will assist you in finding the right graphic expression for your product or campaign.

Typographic Design

With the design of logos and corporate identity there is in some cases the need for distinction in applied fonts. After developing an exclusive design, the typographic designer builds custom made font types that are an asset to your graphic appearance, causing a straight market and customer related association with your company. An excellent example of a typographic design statement is the Coca-Cola® brand name-logo.

Brochure Design

Are you interested in getting your message out and telling your market about your products and services in a way that they will like and admire? If yes, then you need a custom designed brochure that will capture the attention of your audience and convince them to explore some of the most fascinating facts about your company and its products.

Through your brochure, you will be able to become prominent, educate your market and promote your products, all at the same time. Your brochure is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have that can surely enhance your brand & company image and increase your sales rapidly. This is why you turn to SCOPEQ; no standard off the shelf templates, but professional custom designed brochures. Designed in full compliance with your present product or corporate identity.

User Interface Design

The interaction between people and hardware, i.e. appliances, software applications and instrumentation is controlled by means of a graphic user interface (UI). One of the most important aspects is user experience (UX), the quality of a user interface relies on a easily understandable operation concept, adapted to the user’s workflow..

It's the synergy between the software dynamics and visual graphic elements that results in a natural intuitive user controlled area. Consistent look & feel, catchy key visuals and meaningful icons all support a positive, holistic user experience. Using colours and shapes appropriate for your target groups serves to positively influence the perception of your product.

Logo Design

Prior to the design of a new logo comes research; there are many development aspects to consider in 'getting it right' the first time. First of all the graphic consistency is an important part, for instance; typographic, symbol, abstract, illustrative, 3D and so on. Then comes your product/service visual identity in order, must it be; trendy, masculine, serious, obvious, minimalistic or subtle, just to name a few.

In other words: a suitable logo is not only design, but knowledge as well. SCOPEQ has many years of experience and expertise to build on in assisting getting the appropriate visual sign for your product, service or company.

Corporate Identity Development & Design

The concept of corporate identity is akin to what we refer to when we talk about our own identity, the specifics that differentiate us from others. It is our personality and character that maintains our individuality, which we express through how we behave, speak, and even what we wear.

Similarly, a business makes itself distinct through the image that it presents to the world, through collateral like business cards, letterheads, brochures and other options. It is a physical expression of the company's brand, an extension of the culture that is already expressed through communication style and behaviour exhibited to maintain the image of the business.

In a fast-paced and competitive world where the consumer has innumerable options available to them, a company needs a strategy to establish a solid presence in the marketplace. There are a number of scientific studies indicating that the right corporate identity helps achieve this business objective. We can name a few associated subjects;;

  • Building Corporate Persona
  • Consumer Loyalty
  • Business Enhancement

Businesses may occasionally need to update their corporate identity, if there is an ideological change in the target audience over time and as the world changes. Our design and development professionals can help with attention grabbing logos, impressive business cards, elegant letterheads, inviting envelopes, stunning brochures and other identity elements. Invest in your corporate identity to develop trust, a sense of value, and a lasting connection with your customer base.

Mobile Applications

Using the latest technology, user interface design and development methodologies we deliver mobile apps and mobile websites for mobile devices and OS including iOS, Android, Java, Blackberry and Windows Phone that often have complex back-end integrations.

Our core offering consists of Mobile Strategy Support, User Interface and interaction design, multi OS App and Game Development, mobile website (XHTML and HTML5) development, Back-end integration, Middleware, Content Management and App distribution..

Admin Interface Design

The wireframe design of admin interfaces is an integral part of back- and front-end development. It starts with setting up the development environment, the configuration of the User Model and finally the included functionalities for projects, products and tasks.

SCOPEQ has designed a large number of interfaces for a wide range of software programs that include Project Managers, CRM and secure web based client information areas.

CRM Development

Customer Relationship Management or short CRM software is a system that allows a business to maintain all customer records in one centralized location that is accessible to an entire organization. CRM software is essentially meant to address the needs of marketing, sales and customer service and support divisions within an organization and allow the three to share data on clients to improve sales and customer service.

SCOPEQ does custom software development and develops high quality customer relationship management software. Since it is possible that CRM software will run an entire business, we believe that this is not the place for "one size fits all" solutions and use an individual approach in our work. The CRM software developed with us have a number of advantages over standard applications like: scalability, a wide range of custom functionalities, high security by data encryption and excellent usability by custom designed user-friendly interfaces.

CMS Development

SCOPEQ offers a diverse set of CMS development and customization services which includes all steps of professional CMS system development from design and prototyping to development, implementation and maintenance. Our team has deep knowledge in creating content management systems from scratch as well as customizing the most reliable open-source solutions available on the market like TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Back-end Development

The back-end is the structure that allows information to be shared across accounts or people. It’s the glue that binds the internet together. If a website (front-end) were a plant, back-end web development would be the root system. It’s the component that provides the energy (food and water, in this instance) that powers the plant and enables it to grow.

Enough analogies; our back-end development team designs and builds tailor-made software in PHP, MySQL, Drupal, .NET and Python. It will enable you to provide the best possible online services for your clients, prospects, employees and intranet users.

Corporate Web Design

Improve your online presence and meet your business goals with a business website that makes the right impression. What does your existing website say about your company? Make it say the right thing with a professional and contemporary design that's optimised for use on tablet and mobile.

We'll discuss how your website fits within your business strategy, this way we'll ensure your website clearly helps your business. No more expensive maintenance, an intuitive Content Management System means you'll be able to easily maintain your website without having to involve us or any other agency. After delivery our help desk will deal with any website issues or change requests in a timely manner, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Marketing Web Design

Every website we build is designed to increase traffic and convert visitors. Marketing websites are designed with the specific purpose of supporting your marketing goals and maximizing the reach and impact of your brand or product. Built-in tools for content management and blogging allows you to optimize your website for search engines, integrate your email marketing, and connect through social media.

As part of each website project, we provide search engine key phrase research and guidance on how you can perform additional ongoing research. The research leads to recommendations for pages on your marketing website. The marketing website is the landing page for every marketing email.

It is also a vehicle for new email subscribers. SCOPEQ provides an email template that matches the style of the marketing website. Additionally, we incorporate a strategically placed email sign-up field onto the website, encouraging visitors to subscribe to your email list.

E-commerce Web Design / Applications

Custom e-commerce sites are built on top of marketing websites to both generate traffic and convert visitors to sales. Clients tend to choose SCOPEQ for custom e-commerce websites to address specific business goals such as:

  • Optimizing mobile sales through responsive web design for mobile
  • Building B2B custom solutions for usability, as well as business rules benefiting both B2C and B2B customers
  • Integrating with internal systems to import product catalogues, customer accounts, and automate order fulfilment processing

We've worked on over 42 large online shopping projects. When you're ready, you can discuss your needs with one of our experts and we can offer insight where needed. More than 48% of people feel frustrated when they visit non-mobile-friendly e-commerce websites - our sites are mobile and tablet optimised so shopping is easy.

We also apply technology like product recommendations and cart abandonment emails to ensure you don't lose valuable customers. Everyone thinks getting a website made is a major headache, but we don't think it needs to be that way. Just contact us to find out how it works at SCOPEQ.

RIA, Flex Applications & Flash Web Design

If you want to impress your visitors with animation and special effects, Flash is exactly what you need for the front. But, say, what if you want to have strong back end, CMS or ecommerce solution in the back? Then you need to have Flex®.

From the stables of Adobe® Systems, Adobe Flex precisely, is a collection of technologies for the development and deployment of cross media platform, Rich Internet Applications based on the proprietary Adobe Flash platform. Interestingly, flash content and applications have still emerged as principal requirements for ´Rich Web Experiences´.

Over the years, our developers have achieved great amount of proficiency in delivering Adobe Flex solutions. Our core expertise lies at creating ´Rich Internet Applications´, full Flash web development, advertising and marketing applications.

SCOPEQ offers a number of self developed services and tools exclusively designed for use with Adobe™ Flash or Flex™ applications/websites. We apply an excellent CMS (MotoCMS®) for Flash websites and an SCOPEQ exclusive developed SEO tool (SEO4FLASH®) that will make your Flash website editable and easily found by means of organic search. Want to have more info? Reach us by using our contact form.

Information Architecture

We define Information Architecture as the Art and Science of organizing and labelling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support excellent and intuitive usability.

Information Architecture isn't just about drawing boxes. However, making wire-frames, the blueprints of a digital design - are a large part of it. An IA might also produce a taxonomyof how content and products on a site should be classified, or a prototype illustrating how the information should change on screen as a user progresses through a task.

These solutions will be arrived at by thorough research. This can take the form of competitor analysis, reading academic papers on human/computer interaction, or testing ideas on real users. At SCOPEQ, for example, we invited some users into our office to try out a new designed Smartphone App at an early stage of development. We´ve filmed them using the application for the first time, and tested whether they could understand and make use of the functionality that was on offer, without earlier knowledge on the User Interface structure and design.

A classic way to sum up Information Architecture is an image that appeared in 'the polar bear book' - "Information Architecture for the World Wide Web" by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville. Their Venn diagram placed IA at the intersection of content, users and context of use as shown below.

At SCOPEQ we have supported 38 projects that involved IA from software development (UI and UX) to digital design for the web. Making applications and online interfaces easy to understand to its users and getting the content on the right spot in a database or website where it's expected. This involved the development of metadata tagging standards for Broadcast Media Servers at a Radio & Television play-out environment. Our expertise will help your audience to get a intuitive user experience without the question marks.

Corporate Videos

Our talented and professional video production partner covers the spectrum of corporate video production skills - from script writing to studio and on-location filming, post production editing and graphics through to optimisation across multiple video platforms. The final step in production are voice-overs or presenters that introduce your service or product to the viewer, all text and narratives are produced by an experienced copywriter. Our production partner builded a large database that contains all info on vocal characteristics or presentational skills & style on people and voices.

Corporate Video is not nearly as expensive as you may think, and offers amazingly fast returns on investment. SCOPEQ have 'out of town' pricing that is affordable for any business. Fill out the Get Quotation form, and we will arrange a time for us to have a confidential chat about how video can help you growing your business.

We produce instruction videos, communication presentations, product presentations, documentaries and 3D product animations.